I’ve been tossed out of nicer places by far better people…….


Today I had a second meeting with the NYS Education Committee chairman NYS Senator Carl Marcellino, Republican from the 5th senate district, representing parts of Nassau and Suffolk county, but clearly not representing our children or parents. Let me explain.

I had met with him last year with a friend and prior to that meeting I had been warned by several people that Senator Carl Marcellino was a misogynist. That he marginalized women and was not a receptive listener. Last year, I was new to this game of asking politicians for things that are important to me, to be important to them. Last year, I brought him a picture of my daughter, I spoke softly and let him tell me how he had just been assigned to the education committee and he needed time to catch up, he needed to take advantage of a “learning curve.” He was courteous, friendly, pleasant, and appeared to listen and understand how urgent the diploma crisis is in NYS. And then he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with the information I brought him. He did not address the diploma crisis in any way, shape or form.

Fast forward to today, a friend wanted to meet with him. She has an idea that is different from other things we’ve discussed. I told her it was a waste of our time, I told her he isn’t a good listener, I told her he really doesn’t give a damn about our kids. But she needed to see for herself.

I have memorialized today’s meeting all over Facebook with this post.

“I experienced a first in my life today, I was tossed from a NYS senator’s office.

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R) agreed to meet Rosemary Garofolo after she basically badgered them into answering an e-mail. (First rude thing) We met him at 11 in his office and from the moment he sat down it was clear he didn’t want to hear a word we said. He was ridiculously ignorant of what is going on in education, considering he is the EDUCATION chair. We discussed how NYS Grad requirements are absurd. We discussed the cut scores that render Regents exams a hysterically bad joke. He claimed that the reason we went to this policy (as a state) was because “better universities across the country were refusing to admit NYS students because we had no standards.” I challenged this remark, I told him I’d never heard such a thing and he sneered, “Well you learned something new today.”

He further opined that we just can’t hand out diplomas for attendance. (Condescending, mean spirited, ignorant) We said that isn’t what we are saying but he had absolutely no interest in listening to anything, PARENTS who reside in NYS had to say about EDUCATION. He also informed us that there are, “Thousands of jobs, that pay a living wage, for people without diplomas.” I told him that was untrue. In hindsight I wish I’d asked him for a list. And where that living wage would afford someone to LIVE. (Certainly not in one of the most expensive places in the US) Rosemary tried to explain why we were there but he kept interrupting. And then got angry when Rosemary pointed out that he wasn’t listening. And then he told us to, “Get out.” In my entire life I never thought I’d see the day that a PUBLIC SERVANT would be so rude, disrespectful, ignorant, self-serving or dishonest as NYS senator Carl Marcellino. He does not DESERVE TO SERVE.”

I thought about this all day today as I sat on the beach. I thought about how he knew absolutely nothing about what we were talking about. I thought about Newsday reporting on June 12 that 15,800 children, 1400 right here on Long Island completed 4 years of high school without receiving diplomas. I thought about him not even acknowledging that that is a problem. I thought about how cavalierly he threw out that bit about our kids not getting into better schools because we “didn’t have standards”. We have never not had standards, the stupidity of that comment alone is mind boggling. And THOUSANDS of jobs that don’t require a diploma and earn a living wage? I messaged him to ask for a list or data to substantiate the first piece of nonsense and a list of the second, since he basically said that people could live on a wage from a job that doesn’t even require a high school diploma. Is he even cognizant of how stupid that sounds?

I thought about how as we were leaving, after being told, “get out”, “now you can leave” him standing up and dismissing us, Rosemary was saying we won’t forget in November, telling him, “You’re done.” And him responding, “It’s been tried before.” Cockily, confident that he will remain in office and continue to ignore the needs of his constituents. I thought about how this will NEVER attract the attention of the News media, even though it should.

I was raised by hard working parents. My Dad respected people and especially women. I cannot fathom my dad, the consummate gentlemen tossing a woman out of his office, ever. I am not a fragile flower, I’m not cowed by bullies and Senator Marcellino today, exhibited his true colors, I could almost file a DASA complaint but he knows so little about schools he probably doesn’t know what that is either.

I was raised to love and respect our country. And I do. I consider myself a patriot. I vote. I follow politics. I pay attention. I love this country with all my heart. I believe in the processes of electing people to REPRESENT my interests. Whose interests does Senator Marcellino represent?

This is the vow he took when he was first elected in 1995:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of a NY Senator.

Then I was curious to know what the duties would be so I googled and this is what I found here, on the NYS Senate page https://www.nysenate.gov/about

The New York State Senate is the upper house of the New York State Legislature. Its sixty-three members represent New York State and its more than 19 million citizens. The legislature’s primary purpose is to draft and approve changes to the laws of New York.

These changes are driven by complex public policy issues. To effectively represent the will of the people, senators must gain a deep understanding of those issues and how they impact New Yorkers.

And I got hung up on that very last line, “To effectively represent the will of the people, senators must gain a deep understanding of those issues and how they impact New Yorkers. “

  • EFFECTIVELY represent the will of the people
  • Gain a deep understanding
  • How they impact New Yorkers

I don’t think NYS Senator Marcellino could have failed more miserably today at the job he “solemnly swore” to do.

In this great republic we have the right to cast ballots and ask the very best of us to serve and represent public interests in Albany. Is this the best we have? I don’t think so. I think Senator Marcellino should be sent out to pasture. His callous disregard of our children and his disrespect of myself and Rosemary and by extension every other concerned parent in NYS makes him unfit to “effectively represent the will of the people.”

Please join us on Facebook at “Multiple Pathways to a Diploma for all” https://www.facebook.com/groups/1043046219053541/

#rememberinnovember #nopublicservant #diplomacrisis


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